Individual Sponsors

All of us at Near North Crime Stoppers would like to extend our utmost thanks and sincere appreciation to all of our sponsors who, through their kind support and generosity, allow us to continue and grow our Crime Stoppers programs.  Thank you so much to everyone.

Allary, Percy
Arcand, Ivan
Audette, Suzanne
Auger, Andre
Barns, Marlene
Barr, Fay
Bean, Jillie
Beaucage, John
Becker, John
Beland, Claire
Berry, Gordon
Berry, Victoria
Burrows, Fred
Campbell, Bill
Colombe, Mrs. Albert
Coombs, Pat
Cote, Louise
Courchesne, Jean Paul
Couroux, Paul
Culliton, Chris
Curry, Norma A
Dechamp, Mrs.
Deleskey, Joe
Delorme, George
Desbiens, Caroline
Ducharme, Julie
Ducharme, Mrs. Maurice

Ducharme, Yvan
Duchesne, Suzanne
Edmunds, Chantal
Ferrigan, Eveline
Fulop, Louis
Gagne, Edgar
Gagne, Gilles
Gendron, Barb
Giroux, Denise
Giroux, Yolande
Goegan, Mrs Gary
Hanley, Suzanne
Hardy, Jane
Hart, Elizabeth
Horvath, Steve
John Cutsey
Kartling, Gord
Kentner, Shelley L
Kettle, Wanda
Kopsaftis, Tim
Labelle, Annette
Labelle, Madeleine
Labiberte, Edna
Lacourciere, Richard & Diane
Ladouceur, Monique
Lafreniere, Madeleine
Lalonde, Vivianne
Lang, Colleen
Lebeau, Larry

Leberge, Jeannine & Dillon
Leblanc, Marcel
MacDonald, Dale
MacLean, Douglas
Mageau, Mrs. Robert
Mahood, Verta
O’Grady, Diane
O’Neill, J & A
Ouinet, Gloria
Oullette, Yvan
Parkinson, P
Patenaude, Rene
Peggy, Brad
Pete’s Auto Glass
Piche, Leo
Piddington, Deanna
Poitras, M
Portras-Horner, Dr.
Prosser, John
Quesnel, Marie
Razeau, Marie
Renaud, Suzanne
Riouvn, R
Robert, Alain
Robinson, Thomas
Rochon, Viviane
Stephen, Glen
Taillefer, Yves
Welling, S D
Wilhem, Dieter