All of us at Near North Crime Stoppers would like to extend our utmost thanks and sincere appreciation to all of our sponsors who, through their kind support and generosity, allow us to continue and grow our Crime Stoppers programs.  Thank you so much to everyone.

CFFG 2018 Campaign - Individual Donors:

Beaulieu, Andre
Renaud, Suzanne
Longlade, William
Parkinson, P
Coombs, Pat
Ducharme, Maurice
Giroux, Viviane
Lajeunesse, Sharon M
Audette, Suzanne
Colombe, Albert
Cote, Louise
Gagne, Gilles
Hart, Elizabeth
Leblanc, Marcel
Martin, Diane
John Cutsey
Bailey, Chantale
Lalonde, Vivianne
Couroux, Paul
Desbiens, Caroline
Horvath, Steve
Kentner, Shelley L
Lafond, Mike
Leberge, Jeannine & Dillon
Mageau, Robert
Fulop, Louis
Maurice, Dan & Irene
Legault, Pierre J
William, Bill C
Woodhouse, Susan D
Curry, Norma A
Hicks, Richard A
Mahood, Verta
Nelson, Douglas C
Marshall, Lynda G
McKinnon, Joanne P
Denis, Pauline A
Welling, S D
Auld, Frank
Villeneuve, Michael R
McKenzie, Anne C
Anderson & Ross Ltd
Matthies, K
Moffip, William
Price, E