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Over the next few months Community First Funding Group (CFFG) will be canvassing door to door for donations to Near North Crime Stoppers. Every bit helps! 


Crime stoppers is a charitable organization and every dollar donated goes to tip rewards, education and promotion to help keep our communities safe. 

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 Contest time!
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 January is Crime Stoppers Month
’Creating Partnerships Against Crime’
Another Record Year for Crime Stoppers in 2019
NORTH BAY - Near North Crime Stoppers (NNCS) received a record 878 new Tips in 2019. Over 69% of all tips received were submitted anonymously via Webtips to
The foundation of Crime Stoppers is the partnership between the community, law enforcement and media. Crime Stoppers works to educate the public and create awareness on illegal activities in an effort to help promote the Canadian values of safety, empowerment and inclusion.   Creating awareness and mobilizing Canadians in reporting suspicious or criminal activity anonymously requires a network of partners working together for a common end. 
Board Chairperson, Chad Evans, says the number one issue year-after-year is still... read more

While Law Enforcement is reporting a downturn in some types of crime such as assaults, break and enters etc., there are other areas of crime which are picking up. Using the COVID-19 crisis as a backdrop, FRAUDSTERS are redoubling their efforts to steal information or money from unsuspecting users. This is being done sending fake emails and text messages as bait in what is called “phishing”. Some estimates are that phishing has increased by at least 350%.


-think before you click or download an attachment. If you are unsure of the source don’t click or download

-DO NOT respond to any requests for... read more

ChangeIt is a program sponsored by BMO (The Bank of Montreal)
Near North Crime Stoppers
is thrilled to be a charity partner of ChangeIt! Automatically round up your credit card purchases and donate to Near North Crime Stoppers using ChangeIt. Sign up with your existing BMO credit card today at

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