Jan 01, 1970
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Charter Member Retires from Near North Crime Stoppers

Community-minded citizen, Arthur Appleton, has retired from Near North Crime Stoppers (NNCS) after an unprecedented 28 years service to the board. Art began his tenure as a founding member of NNCS in June of 1988. Since that time, Art has been an integral part of the promotion and expansion of this very successful program. He served as Board Chairperson and Chair of the Membership / Orientation committee. He was also a member of several fundraising and administrative committees within NNCS. He proudly represented Crime Stoppers at various promotional events and participated in countless fundraisers. His historical knowledge of the Crime Stoppers program has been invaluable to both board members and police coordinators alike. He attended numerous provincial Crime Stoppers Training Conferences. Near North Crime Stoppers has reached the status it currently enjoys in part due to Art’s tireless effort and commitment. The entire board and police coordinators wish him well in his future endeavours. Thank you Art!!