Jan 01, 1970
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ChangeIt is a program sponsored by BMO (The Bank of Montreal)
Near North Crime Stoppers
is thrilled to be a charity partner of ChangeIt! Automatically round up your credit card purchases and donate to Near North Crime Stoppers using ChangeIt. Sign up with your existing BMO credit card today at www.ChangeIt.com

How it works

ChangeIt allows BMO MasterCard customers to automatically round-up their credit card transactions and donate the rounded up amount to Near North Crime Stoppers on a monthly basis.

ChangeIt allows donors to make a pledge, not a payment. Users decide how much they wish to donate by setting a monthly minimum and maximum amount and an online portal allows them to track how much they have given. A tax receipt will be issued at the end of the year for every cent donated.

  • You spend $2.82 for a coffee and pay for it using a credit card
  • Based on your pre-selected rounding preferences, an $0.18 pledge is calculated
  • This $0.18, along with other purchase roundups, is accrued monthly and forwarded directly to Near North Crime Stoppers as one aggregate amount
Remember - it’s free to join and BMO customers will receive tax receipts for 100% of their donation.